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Kanchi Pattu Saree Dark Green

The sari is the traditional outfit of Indian women. This outfit is probably the oldest attire ever invented in India and to date proclaims to be the most beautiful yet comfortable; most enchanting and well-ordered outfit.Saris were mentioned in the Vedas, the ancient sacred literature of the Hindu religion, which has been dated back to 3000 b.c.e., and many people believe that saris may have been worn even earlier.

However, over the centuries, the sari has gradually gone through lot of  transformation in terms of material and style used.

But still Kanchi Pattu Saree is a South Indian traditional saree that is worn for all important ceremonies- such as weddings and festivals and can be used to offer to goddesses in temples.

Style, design and colors of saree again are greatly influenced by various customs and regions.

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