Khadi Silk Saree



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Khadi Silk Saree

Khadi or Khaddar is a term for handspun and hand-woven cloth mainly made out of cotton. Mahatma Gandhi began promoting the spinning of khadi for rural self-employment and self-reliance in the 1920s in India, The cloth is usually woven from cotton and may also include silk, or wool, which are all spun into yarn on a spinning wheel called a charkha. Khadi silk stands out with its unique feature of staying cool in summers and warm in winters thus making it more versatile and multipurpose.

  • Khadi silk sarees come in a variety of colors and designs.
  • Khadi sarees are a perfect for any occasions, be it weddings, parties, get-togethers or office wear

Disclaimer: The images shown are for reference only and actual product may vary sometimes in color and design as selected, as IndiaEthnix Team always works to get better & quality products with utmost customer satisfaction!

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Weight 1.200 kg
Khadi Sarees colors

cream, Maroon, Milk cream


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