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Navagraha Japam

The Navagraha japam is performed to all the nine Grahas or Planets. This japam is a powerful remedy for a person who has Graha Dosha present in their horoscope, and keep away bad luck and misfortune and better their quality of life.
The Navagrahas or the nine planets control every aspect of human’s life and it has the power to change a person’s life at any point of time. This japam is best for getting rid of the Graha doshas.
This japam is performed by invoking all the Nava grahas then Mantras of Navagrahas are chanted as per the shastras to receive the blessings all the nine grahas. This japam is performed by 10 priests for 5 days.

  • Navagraha Japam is performed to get the Blessings from all the 9 planets for leading a successful life without any obstacles.
  • Helps Business people to flourish in their business by removing the negative effects of a planet.
  • Keeps away misfortune or bad luck of the person and boost their quality of life.
  • This japam is powerful remedy for those who have Graha doshas in their horoscope by reducing the malefic effects of the badly placed planets

No. of Priests: 10

Duration: 3 hrs per day

Days: 5


  1. To perform “Navagraha Japam”, Please book the service 5 days before.
  2. For all Puja, Homam, Japam and Kalyanam mention your Name, Gotram, Nakshatram and the ‘Problem’ that you want to overcome by performing this puja.
  3. For Further details, please contact indiaethnix at Email: [email protected] & Phone: 215 853 3280

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Eka varam ( 1 time), Ekaa Dasa ( 11 times)


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