About Us

  • Products for your Home , Health and Happiness !!!

Our Values & Service Commitment

IndiaEthnix LLC is founded By Raj Thota and Bhanu Thota. Raj with his tremendous retail work experience working for major retailers like ebay.com , staples.com, toysurs.com and ralphlauren.com is also born  in India and staunch Indophile and actively serving various communities.  Raj is passionate about bringing products customers need and make it easy for customers to acquire them. India being one of the oldest civilizations in the world , there are products , practices, services that can benefit every one. Raj wanted to  make them available for evrey one on the planet irrespective of where they live.

Bhanu has vast technology work experience and with activities in Hindu Temple and tremendous expertise in Hindu traditions and avid reader in  Jain, Buddhist, Sikh and Islamic traditions and values and traditional values practiced in India.

IndiaEthnix LLC manufactures products and services that are :

  • Authentic
  • Traditional / Modern
  • Healthy
  • Useful

IndiaEthnix LLC believes in constant research for better products and services  and bring them to customers for Home , Health and Happiness !!!

IndiaEthnix LLC also works directly with artisans and various empowerment groups such as women empowerment , self help groups in bringing their products to the market and help the communities especially education and health support activities.