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Dharbe Mat – Kusha Grass

  1. Handcrafted mat from natural grass (Kusha grass).
  2. Traditional hand weaving technique using cotton yarn.
  3. Eco friendly and washable.
  4. Sleek and light weight.
  5. Compact, foldable.
  6. Helps connect with the earth energy easily, thus balancing the root chakra.
  7. Ideal for use during Yoga, meditation, beaches, Spas and Religions institutions.
  8. Vedic handmade Dharbe Mat is considered highly sacred.
  9. Sages often sit on Dharbe Mat when they do their meditation.
  10. A traditional type of prayer mat is the one made with grass and is called “Dharbe Mat”.
  11. Gift it to some one who likes to meditate.
  12. Make a combination of Dharbe mat with Puja items and gift on house warming, Diwali and on other auspicious events.
  13. It is used in every house hold for religious purpose.
  14. economical price.

Package Contains: 1-Piece Dharbe Mat.

In Ayurveda,Darba grass is also used as medicine to treat desentery and menoharrhagia and as used as diuretic( to promote free flow of urine). Since vedic age, Darbha grass is treated as scared plant and according to early buddhist account. It was the material used by Buddha for his meditation seat when he attianed enlightenment under bodhi tree.

The grass was mentioned in Rig veda for use in scared ceremonies and also to prepare a seat for priests and gods. Dharba or Kusha grass is specifically recommended by Lord krishna in Bhagavath Gita as a part of  ideal seat for meditation. It is believed to block energy generated during meditation from being discharged through our body.

In recent medical research, Dharba or Kusha grass has been observed to block X-RAY radiation. Dharba is used by Hindus as mat, ring or right hand ring finger while chanting vedic mantras, Performing homam and all religeous rituals. Priest in india dip this tip in water and sprinkle all over the home or temple to purify the place.

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