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Marriage Kasi Yatra Decorated Umbrella Set

Marriage Kasi Yatra Decorated Umbrella Set from Sai Kalyan creations Description:

Kasi yatra set with silk cotton fabric decorated with rich kinda’s, brooches, and laces.
The groom is dressed in the traditional “Panchakatcham” Vashti. He also holds an umbrella, a fan, a walking stick, and a towel containing dhal and rice tied to his shoulder. He then sets off on a mock pilgrimage to pursue further religious studies, and renounce worldly pursuits. As he steps out of the wedding hall, the bride’s father intervenes and advocates for the superiority of married life to an ascetic life. He also promises to give his daughter as a companion to face the challenges of life. The groom accepts and returns to the mandapam to get married. The umbrella is to remain with the groom, to remind him in the future of this advice.

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