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Looking for a Real Estate Agent in Frisco? Vijaya Kosuri Realtor is the literal search for it. She is specialized in Real Estate Buying or Selling Agents and Real Estate Commercial Agents. She is servicing at the Dallas Fortworth area. Some of the other services she is skilled are Buying Agents, Foreclosed Properties and Selling. Vijaya Kosuri Realtor also specializes in Buying or Selling a Property and Buying or Selling a Plot. She can be reached on all days of the week that includes Sundays too. She is a full service realtor who offers competitive cash back rebate. She too offers 2.7% on new homes and more than 2.0% on pre-owned homes. Vijaya Kosuri will be with you throughout the process from searching for the appropriate home to closing the deal and make your dream home a reality. She is friendly towards her clients and provides prompt service. She is rapid in responding to the queries, viewing the schedules with a short notice and provides insight to the home.

Address :
Frisco, TX 75035,
Email ID: [email protected]
Phone :240-205-8999

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