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Cultural Dolls Krishna Stealing Butter

  • Let your Homes, Events, Marriages, Theme parties etc., look graceful with these paper mache dolls.
  • The dolls are known for delicacy and what matches this is paper mache art. The mix of soaked paper and glue is put into molds of various shapes to make the dolls. Then, they are painted in different colors to make the doll look as graceful as possible.
  • During childhood, Lord Bala Krishna used to play with his friends (Gopabalura’s) and when they feel hungry they used to steal butter from others houses in Brindavanam. In bhagavatham it is written completely about Krishna Leela.
  • This beautifully handcrafted cultural doll represents the Krishna stealing butter. It’s a good decorative item and can be used in bommala koluvu.
  • Eco-Friendly products made of a mix of paper, chalk powder, marble powder, jute, and cloth.
  • Non-toxic

The Indian Ethnic Cultural Dolls Krishna Stealing Butter is available online in the USA at www.indiaethnix.com and will be shipped to your Home!

Disclaimer: The product delivery may take time for 30-45 days due to the multi steps process involved over several days in making these precious dolls. The images shown are for reference only and actual product costume may vary sometimes.And IndiaEthnix Team always works to get better & quality products with utmost customer satisfaction!

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Weight 1.600 kg
Dimensions 18 cm


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