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Swastik Pyramid

  • Swastik is a symbol of Ganesh. It is believed where there is the Ganesh symbol, nothing bad can happen. Swastik is drawn on the gates to prevent houses from evil eyes. As an auspicious item presents the Panch Dhatu.
  • Swastik which you can paste or hang on your doors or outer walls of your houses to prevent your home from evil eyes and bring positive energy in the home.
  • Swastik with Pyramid for Siddhi, Success in undertakings, Buddhi and Intelligence. Lord Ganesh is worshiped before any venture is started.
  • He is also the God of Education, Knowledge, Wisdom, Literature and Fine Arts. Swastik is the sign of Lord Ganesh and pyramids are embossed on it.
  • This is an auspicious item to keep in the home. You can fix it on the outer wall of your house or room.
  • This Swastik Pyramid not only brings Positive Energy but also brings Good Luck to the person as well as remove all obstacles in all undertaking.
  • This Swastik Pyramid is made up of Panch Dhatu and is Gold plated. These Swastik Pyramids are specially used for rectifying Vastu dosha of Houses, Workplaces, Offices, and Factories where main gates or main entrance is from southwest, south, west direction.

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