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Janma nakshatra puja

Janma nakshatra puja (11000times):

According to Indian Vedic astrology, Nakshatra is considered to be the most important in the aspect of life. The Nakshatra dosh nivaran puja is done to achieve good health for the family. The birth nakshatra of the individual determines the thinking pattern and the destiny of the nature.  The subconscious and the instincts of the person personality is also determined.  All the physical appearances, attitude and the future is indicated by the Nakshatra. The Nakshatra Dosh Nivaran puja is conducted once in a year for the one person and should be conducted every year for the betterment of life.

Indiaethnix can help you, by performing this puja on your behalf. All you need to do is to provide correct details.

Significance of Nakshatra Dosh Nivaran Puja

The significance of Puja is prescribed to neutralize the malefic effects of all the planets either in their main periods or in their sub periods. The nakshatra needs to be worshiped in a very prescribed manner followed by all the mantras and offerings to achieve maximum benefit. With the puja the inner strength and confidence is achieved either instantaneously or slowly but the outcome is sure.

Benefits of Nakshatra Dosh Nivaran Puja

This Puja provides many benefits to the individual so that they can lead their life very easily. The benefits are:-

  • Obstacles are removed coming in the way of success
  • Siddhi is obtained
  • Materialistic development
  • Spiritual development
  • Higher education
  • Business success are accelerated
  • Situations become favorable

No. of Priests: 3

Duration: 4 hrs per day

Days: 2


  1. To perform “Janma nakshatra puja”, Please book the service 5 days before.
  2. For all Puja, Homam, Japam and Kalyanam mention your Name, Gotram, Nakshatram and the ‘Problem’ that you want to overcome by performing this puja.
  3. For Further details, please contact indiaethnix at Email: [email protected] & Phone: 215 853 3280

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