Hanuman laksha Tamalapakula puja (1 lakh betel leaves archana)

Hanuman laksha Tamalapakula puja (1 lakh betel leaves archana)


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Hanuman laksha Tamalapakula puja

  • When Sri Sita Devi was imprisoned by Ravana in The Asohka Vanam, Sri Hanuman went there and bowed to Sita Devi. Sita Devi, who is an embodiment of Goddess Maha Lakshmi was sitting amidst the betel leaf vine. When Lord Hanuman announced himself as the messenger of Lord Rama and sought Her blessings, Sita Devi became overjoyed and blessed Lord Hanuman with betel leaves she plucked from the vine.
  • The tradition of adorning Lord Hanuman with Betel leaves honors that incident and pleases Lord Hanuman and through Him Goddess Sita Devi, thereby bringing prosperity to the devotee.
  • Offering a betel leaf mala to Hanuman symbolizes submitting the illusions or the Maya at the higher truth – Hanuman in this case. This is very powerful especially for people under 7 1/2 (or 8) years of Saturn’s influence – Sade Sati. During this period people can make false promises or can be influenced by false promises from others. This offering will help them to distinguish between the Maya (illusion) and the reality.
  • The gesture of offering the betel mala also helps in removing the hurdles and obstacles to achieve our endeavors in the highest way
  • If you perform abhishekam with betel leaves and consume them after your meals you will be blessed with peace and prosperity.
  • Hanuman has more manifest energy (72%) as compared to other Deities who have approximately 10% manifest energy.
  • Problems caused by negative energy, influence of Shani, etc. would eliminate.
  • To overcome obstacles in the path of activated kundalini (spiritual energy) and to channelize it in the appropriate direction.
  • Hanuman is worshiped to alleviate suffering due to sadesati.

No. of Priests: 14

Duration: 8 hr

Days: 1


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