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Saneeswara Homam

Shani Santhi homam, Shani Graha Homam, Shani Homam, Shani grahma Santhi homam

Homa to negate the malefics of the planet Saturn.

Saturn is the son of Sun God and Chaya (Sanvarna). It is said that when he opened his eyes as a baby for the very first time, the sun went into an eclipse, which clearly denotes the impact of Shani on astrological charts. Shani is considered to be the strongest malefic and a stern teacher who represents patience, effort, endeavor, and endurance; and who brings restrictions and misfortunes. However, a favorably-placed Shani on the horoscope of a person stands for a strong career, healthy life and everything positive for that person.

As per puranas, this homam blesses with:

  • Strengthens  Saturn,  increases its positive influence and pacifies malefic effects of Saturn  neutralizing  its negative effect.
  • Success in worldly affairs and  business.
  • It helps achieve Raja yoga through complete blessings of Shani.

No. of priests: 1

Duration: 2 hrs

Days: 1

Suggestion: People with shani mahardhasa, astama sani, ardhastam sani, elina nati sani will attain good results by performing shani puja for 19 weeks.


  1. To perform “Saneeswara Homam”, Please book the service 5 days before.
  2. For all Puja, Homam, Japam and Kalyanam mention your Name, Gotram, Nakshatram and the ‘Problem’ that you want to overcome by performing this puja.
  3. For Further details, please contact indiaethnix at Email: [email protected] & Phone: 215 853 3280

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Eka varam ( 1 time), Ekaa Dasa ( 11 times)


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