Sree Suktha Sampateekarana Puja and Lakshmi Homam
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Sree Suktha Sampateekarana Puja and Lakshmi Homam

Sree Suktha Sampateekarana Puja and Lakshmi Homam with 256 lotus flowers  for sukra graha Santhi

Sri Suktam is a Vedic sloka addressed to Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, Prosperity, and Fertility. Goddess Lakshmi, the eternal consort of Lord Narayana has been referred as ‘Sri‘ meaning the personification of auspicious and royal qualities.

Her description appears in the Sri Sukta, where she has been lauded in golden words and in glorious terms, Just as there is no difference between Power-Holder (Vishnu) and Power (Lakshmi). She is the presiding deity of all divine manifestation.

Sri Sukta is one of the Pancha Suktam (5 Suktams), namely; Purusha suktam, Vishnu Suktam, Sri Suktam, Bhu suktam, and Nila Suktam.


  •   Sri Suktam is recited to bring bliss to the family, to those who recite it with devout intent and discipline.
  •    It is widely believed that recitation of this powerful slokam bestows an unerring power unto the character and personality and to the general well-being.
  • The Sri Suktam is a never failing mantra to invoke prosperity, goodness, health, wealth, and well-being of the person as well as the whole family itself.
  •  Girls who  recite Sri Suktam,  get married to good grooms and boys secure good steady jobs,
  •  families come out of problems of debts and miseries, wayward children get corrected and excel in studies.

No. of Priests: 8

Duration: 6 hrs

Days: 1


  1. To perform “Sree Suktha Sampateekarana Puja and Lakshmi Homam”, Please book the service 5 days before.
  2. For all Puja, Homam, Japam, and Kalyanam mention your Name, Gotram, Nakshatram and the ‘Problem’ that you want to overcome by performing this puja.
  3. For Further details, please contact indiaethnix at Email: [email protected] & Phone: 215 853 3280

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Eka varam ( 1 time), Ekaa Dasa ( 11 times)


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